How much we want to brush away the fact that there is a power which is unknown and unseen in the universe? But, sometimes, in our lives, we get close to such instances when we have to believe the doubts we have about the existence of paranormal beings. Some of these situations are so horrifying and shocking that they shake us up from top to bottom.

Listed below are some of those horrific experiences of a paranormal scientist:

1. Jovial Ghost

A 120-year-old home was investigated in the year 2010. It has been converted into a museum which was once owned by an old man who was very famous in the community. But, the man died in the year 1930. However, in an Electronic Voice Phenomenon session, a very loud belly laugh was heard on a recording tape when a man was present alone in the room.

2. Come and Join Us

What is experienced with naked hearing is the most exciting experience one can have. This was the experience of a proper human conversation with many people in the room which was heard by two investigators when they went to the Fifth-Storey of the tuberculosis sanatorium building. The content of the conversation was not clear but voices were clearly heard. Better to call Personal injury lawyers toronto for an insured and injury free future.

3. Unsafe Situations

Once in October 2009, one woman in the investigation team got scratched with 5 straight line marks of fingernails of the invisible hand. Due to this, the investigation process was halted and the dressing of the woman’s back was done.

4. Chilling Experience

During one of the investigations, an investigator of strong built was jerked and pulled back through his elbow. After this, he felt his elbow to be dipped in ice cold water. After examination, it was found that the elbow was surely 15 degrees colder than the rest of the hand.

5. A Dead Man’s Voice

A man died of lung cancer some months ago when the investigation team visited a house with a lady owner. The lady was the daughter of that man. After the investigation, when the recording was played, an angry ‘yes’ was heard to the question of the man’s being mad on the arrival of the team. The daughter recognized the voice as her father’s.


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