It is a fact that e-cig sales are going through the roof. More and more people are tuning out traditional tobacco cigarettes and turning on to e-cigarettes. The product is also known by the name electronic cigarettes and vaporizer cigarettes. Here is a description. They are basically a device that looks quite similar to a traditional cigarette. However, the device is operated with a battery and works by vaporizing a non-nicotine solution. Studies show that the e-cigarette is an alternative for those that are hooked on regular tobacco cigarettes. In addition, there are a number of benefits that are associated with the electronic cigarettes.

E-Cig Helps People Stop Smoking Tobacco
Well, there are numerous studies circulating around that claim that the e cig help some people control their tobacco and nicotine habit. It further stated that over 60 percent of smokers hooked on tobacco were able to stop smoking the traditional tobacco and nicotine laden cigarettes after switching to e-cigarettes.

Avoiding Tobacco Smell
One distinct characteristic of a chronic smoker is the offensive tobacco smell that is on their clothing, skin, hair, and breath. Even their home and vehicles have that same distinctive odor. Some people hate that smell and go out of their way to avoid people that have the offending tobacco odor. However, an e-cig does not have that offensive odor.

Social Situations
Smokers often avoid social situations that do not allow them to smoke. For example, a number of restaurants, movie theaters, and other public places do not allow public smoking because it offends the other customers. However, the majority of restaurants and theaters or other public places do not ban e-cigarettes.

For Health Reasons
Of course, e-cigs are not filled with harmful tobacco. Certainly, traditional cigarettes are a hazard to the smokers health and the people that are around the smoker because of the tobacco and nicotine that lead to a number of health related problems.

The Safety Factor
It is a startling fact that cigarettes cause a lot of fires because the smoker drifts off to sleep with a cigarette in their hand. An e-cig does not have a red hot, burning flame to worry about.

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