Since the inception of the internet, domain name system (DNS) remains the bane of cyber safety experts everywhere. Its utilitarian design, though guarantying high functionality, comprises harshly on defenses. DNS security is thus an area of networking that users should pay more attention to. Incidentally, or rather ironically, it remains the area where the least amount of interaction. Taking advantage of this, hackers frequently target the DNS in order to harm devices or steal data.

What is Switcher Trojan?
Android Trojan, or more popularly, Switcher Trojan is a malware designed to hack into users’ WiFi and take control of their network via the DNS. Detected by Researchers at Kaspersky Lab, the malware has two versions – a copy of Chinese search engine Baidu’s mobile version and another, a fraudulent version of an app that is used for locating and sharing WiFi information among users. Together, these two have attacked over 1,280 wireless networks, most of which were based in China.

How does it work?
Once a victim has downloaded either of the two malicious apps, the trojan sends a report to a command-and-control (C&C) server along with a network ID. Unlike most malwares, Android Switcher doesn’t steal data from the user it has infiltrated, instead it works on corrupting the entire network, thereby making the user an unwitting accomplice to the hack.

The trojan relies on brute force method to try and guess the password, and thus, login to the web UI of the router. It tries various credentials till a match is found. For now, this method works only on TP-Link routers. If the attack is successful, the malware then swaps the router’s ISP provided DNS with its own rogue version. This means that the router no longer knows how to redirect the domain name provided by the user. As a precautionary measure, it also configures a legitimate Google DNS ( as a secondary DNS in case the malicious server crashes. Thus, the user doesn’t detect anything suspicious.

What does this mean for you?
To access any website, we usually enter its URL into the search bar. A website, however, is not actually linked to this name. It is linked to an IP address provided by the IANA upon request. DNS or Domain Naming Service links the entered website name (or domain name) with its logical address and retrieves the information to make the webpage available to us.

Once the domain is compromised, however, attackers can use rogue domains to lure unsuspecting users into any webpage of their choice. You may enter, and you may see a page that looks exactly like, but the data you enter will not go to google, but to a separate database maintained by the creators of the malware. They can now retrieve analyze and use any information you enter. This is DNS Hijacking.

How to protect yourself
Brute force method of hacking is not a sophisticated one. It relies primarily on the user’s lack of knowledge and the resulting vulnerability of a router. Most users never change their default passwords and hence it becomes very easy to crack them. A strong password consisting of alphabets, digits, and special characters, may take years to guess and thus will never be hacked.

Another good rule of thumb is to never download unsafe apps. APKs available from third party sites are often malicious. When in doubt, stick to the official play store.

And, finally, always invest in a good antivirus software. Malwares like this one can easily be detected by robust antivirus systems. Update your virus definitions periodically and you should be safe from most softwares trying to harm your device and resources.

IP locations are a rudimentary fundamental part of any DNS business system, and firms of all shapes and sizes are dominating such open market spaces faster and faster with more entries and catalysts than any other industry in the recent business landscape. But they should realize that outperforming the vitality of taking a number of measures to get back some composure on IP locations can be the harbinger of chaos.

IP locations are a standout among the trickiest resources that should be controlled in any system for your DNS security. Each organized demand and gadget – from email and web interconnections to document, server farm, stockpiling, and net-associated printers – relies on upon IP and requires address task.

That exhibits a sufficiently major test, yet it’s turning into a significantly greater test as new principal pleasantries like DHCP, VoIP, and portable frameworks upsurge IP address task necessities, requesting a substantially more powerful division, recording, and seeking after of locations. IPAM is the collective name given to such comprehensive agreement of IP address management systems.

With regards to inter-neural connectivity and machine security, access to IPAM information can make it far less demanding to recognize potential breaks or witch-hunts inside your foundation. IPAM information incorporate data, for example, the IP addresses being used, what gadgets every IP is appointed to, the time each was doled out and to whom every IP was relegated.

This data can be useful in distinguishing designs that demonstrate security ruptures or different misuse of your system. Obviously, avoiding or conveying to an end such security issues is of extraordinary significance keeping in mind the end goal to keep up information respectability and the strength of your system and frameworks.

IPAM can also be massively useful with regards to consistence. Certain inner strategies can be authorized utilizing IPAM information and a system get to control (NAC) framework. For instance, before get to is allowed to your system, the NAC, with assistance from IPAM data, can figure out whether your antivirus programming is up and coming, subsequently conceivably keeping a gatecrasher from prevailing in an assault due to your antivirus programming being behind on redesigns.

Moreover, on the off chance that you are liable to any administrative cognizance, IPAM can distinguish data that can help you pinpoint guidelines needed for optimal IPAM monitoring. For instance, if a guideline requires that a log is delivered from your frameworks with the system IP assignments for a given time, the IPAM information can rapidly be utilized to produce such a sign all the time keeping in mind the end goal to get into and stay in consistence with the control.

IP address management software systems can help you to troubleshoot when needed and alert/report to you about various levels of activities undertaken inside your network space. It can track detailed hacks and also keep a history of such tracking activities. It is easy to handle, can be delegated the administration to and also can keep a smart eye on your network system.

Automated and easy to use, IPAM can take a lot of load off your mind and help you enjoy the job that you have at hand without missing a beat anywhere. It does away with tracking forms and simplifies overlooking everything while also reducing IP sprawl to a minimum. Moreover, it is affordable and can be integrated simply without having the need to complicate your existing setup. Along with all this, it is also insulated to admin changes, personnel gaps or staff change. Managing DHCP and DNS becomes a dream with such systems.

So why wait? Go get yours!

Nothing comes shoddy in this technology-driven world that we live in. Organizations run on the premise of benefit and clients cannot do without subjective administration. Also, those two will pay as much as required for supervisions rendered and reimbursements gathered. Which is the reason, it gets to be conspicuously rudimentary to regulate services, patron grievance management, and information administration and additionally robotize deals, advertising, and item bolster.

The necessity for proper catering of spirited client relations and the unending extending skylines of progressively changing industrial status quo have made it downright obligatory to actualize a context which lubricates the whole mechanism of customer service and business relationship nurturing in its entirety from a to z.

Which is where the need for a Real Estate CRM Software makes its presence apparent. An acute, as well as definitive CRM,provides you with the data that you require in a way that it can be modified to produce the most efficient yet courteous results combined with emotionally valuable yields. Be it any property or land bargain, an early tip and a nitty gritty arrangement can put you at the front, right at the start of the race. In a perfect world, it incorporates the great, the savvy, and the efficient in an endeavor prepared as per the right specifications. It unifies everyone of your discussions into one place, changes your workforce into top gear by utilizing investigation for itemized measurements and break deals records by offering more intelligent and not harder.

You can adjust it to meet the difficulties of the real estate market and make exploit its propelled offerings to acclimate to different agreements and offers effortlessly. In the real estate arena, CRM software can really give you an edge over your opponents by incorporating its strong and versatile features. From managing customer lists to filing available leases and plots, it can really take a load off your mind. Moreover, it can help automate in addition to increasing productivity so that you spend less energy by pipe lining various meetings and presentations by optimizing sales force usage.

It allows constant supervision and authorizes boundless computerization. A sales-based business turns into a smooth affair and deals an easy ramble with the reconciliation of CRM assistance canceling out the entire haggle and hassle of the process in its progression. It arranges leads for both professionals and brokers and frames information stream graphs in light of where the prospects are instigating from. It is extraordinarily easy to use and aids a wide range of supplement which can be plugged into the frameworks directly. Costing a small portion of what it helps achieve and multiplying manifold its takings for the treasury, it is an easy as well as thoughtful decision to get such an entity for your firm.

CRM Software structures can just as well contribute to prospective clientele management, challenging staff inclusive statistical analysis on clients’ private data, procurement history, purchasing inclinations and concerns. It gathers every one of your discussions into one bundle, alters your workforce into top gear by developing investigation for far-reaching extents and therefore helps to skyrocket contractual dealing records by offering more brilliant solutions in lieu of the stiffer ones.

You can adjust it to meet the difficulties of the land market and make utilization of its driven offerings to adjust to compound deals and propositions without breaking a beat. In addition, it can outline notwithstanding expanding efficiency so you expend less vitality by pipe lining different congregations and demonstrations by augmenting solid deals to compel utilization.

In this way, CRM software incorporation is the need of the hour as industries that wish to keep growing must also cater effectively to the client load that comes along with definitive success.

Indoor navigation is a mapping system that guides users around the interior of a building with turn by turn directions. The maps created for these systems are very similar to those used in vehicle navigation systems or mobile device map applications. But the technology that makes these systems work is different because Global Positioning Systems (GPS) do not work indoors.

Indoor navigation systems work off of either wifi, beacons, or ultra-wideband. Wifi based systems can be easy and inexpensive to set up because they can often work off of existing infrastructure. However, they will not work with all customers’ mobile devices, and they are only accurate to about 5-15 meters.

Using beacons is a little more expensive because you have to install a beacon every 7-10 meters. Beacons have several significant advantages, including long battery life (1-8 years), they work across most mobile platforms, and they provide positioning accuracy of 1-3 meters.

The final hardware system for indoor navigation systems, ultra-wideband, is the most expensive and technologically complex of the three. Ultra-wideband systems work off of a series of installed locator tags that transmit to smartphones equipped with USB dongles or via Bluetooth. Because of the high installation cost and complex technology, these systems are most appropriate for industrial facilities that require extremely accurate location services. Ultra-wideband systems can be very beneficial in such facilities as they work very quickly and are accurate up to 10-30 centimeters.

How Can Indoor Navigation Be Used:

Indoor mapping systems can be beneficial in a large array of facilities, including airports and train stations, museums, hospitals or large medical facilities, museums and stadiums, universities, or retail stores. Not only can indoor mapping systems be used to provide turn by turn directions, but they can also be used to send visitors specific information about the venue, such as information on the exhibit the visitor is seeing or coupons for the merchandise they are viewing. One of the key advantages of these systems is that they are sufficiently accurate to provide information on a floor by floor basis.

Finally, a key benefit to indoor navigation systems is that they can also be used to provide accessibility information for visitors with disabilities. For example, these systems can provide specific information about wheelchair accessible routes of travel or information about the location of particular offices, services, transportation gates, or people for visitors who are blind or visually impaired.

You want your office to appear modern, welcoming, and classy. Hardwood flooring is a great way to achieve the professional and customer-friendly look you desire. If you want to really make your floors stand out, you want to decorate around them in positive ways. Here are some decorating tips for your hardwood that you can incorporate into the office right away.


Rugs provide not only a softening appeal in the office, they offer color and personality as well. You want to place rugs in the entryway of your office so it can muffle the sound of footsteps that can otherwise cause a distraction or cause intimidation. You will also want to place a rectangular or oval rug in any area where you have a coffee or end table to help break up the lines of furniture. Rugs can work wonders in making Toronto hardwood flooring softer in the office.


While lighting can make your hardwood flooring really shine, mirrors can give your hardwood a glamorous effect that makes your office appear larger. This is especially the case if your office doesn’t have any windows in it or is a classic square shape with little room for personality. Consider a large wall mirror with an ornate frame that stands out in the room to really offset your hardwood flooring in the most positive ways.


Choose paint for your office walls that matches the hardwood flooring you have installed in your office. If you have honey or lighter colored hardwood, then yellow, light green, or even a soft gray paint choice will help the room stand out. If you have darker hardwood, then deep maroon, eggplant, navy, or even hunter green walls can give your office the bold pop of color you desire.

You want your hardwood flooring to stand out in positive ways. The best way to achieve a beautiful appeal is to accessorize your flooring correctly. Doing so will make your whole office appear more welcoming and professional.

Many times when people are injured as a result of someone else’s actions, they realize that they may need to go to court and may end up reaching out to a lawyer. Before simply calling a lawyer that you may know, or looking up the first number that you can find online or in the yellow pages, it is a far better idea to do as much research as you can online. Just about every personal injury lawyer out there has information, in terms of their overall reviews and ratings online, and there is a good chance you can find out how successful various lawyers have been.

If you can find a personal injury lawyer Toronto that has outstanding ratings and has a proven track record of obtaining large settlements for their clients, you may want to give them a call and set up a consultation meeting. One of the biggest aspects to winning a personal injury case is aligning with the right people, which really comes down to finding the right representation and letting them take the wheel. If you take the time and do some research, while properly screening the various personal injury lawyers that you find, there is a very good chance you should be able to find a lawyer who will be able to give you a solid shot at winning your case with a legit settlement.
Many people don’t realize that they may experience bills at any time later on in life, which could be a result of the injury that they sustained, which is why it is so important to get a large settlement if possible. Lawyers that deal with these types of cases day in and day out are going to know where to look to get the most out of the case and are also going to put you in the best position to have an easy time going through court. Once the court process has started, it can be very hard to switch attorneys and your case may not be as strong, so make sure you get it right from the beginning and select a lawyer that has a great reputation and a solid track record in court.
GPS reception is usually non-existent inside buildings; hence the need for other positioning technologies. One option is to use indoor navigation although it is only possible with automatic positioning. The technology is used as a client-based application meaning that the position is determined directly on a user’s Smartphone. You require an app since the location is determined via beacons or Wi-Fi. Also, there is a feedback channel for sending push notifications.

Use of Wi-Fi

Indoor navigation with a Wi-Fi gives 5-15 meter accuracy. The major advantage of Wi-Fi is that you can use the available infrastructure e.g. routers and customer hotspots. All you need is to activate your Wi-Fi on your Smartphone. You don’t need a connection for this, but if you are using client-based positioning via Wi-Fi, you cannot use Apple devices.
Use of Beacons

The use of beacons for indoor navigation is a widespread phenomenon since Bluetooth transmitters function across different platforms with 1-3 meter accuracy. The common types are Beacon from Apple and Eddystore from Google; the two operate using the BLE standard but are energy efficient. The devices have a battery life of about three years, and the cost depends on the functional scope and type of batter. A beacon needs replacement after every 7-10 meters depending on the accuracy level. Beacons offer high-level accuracy and flexibility making them quite popular among users.
Use with Ultra-Wideband

Indoor navigation with ultra-wideband has some significant benefits in industrial applications. It has an accuracy level of 10-30 centimeters which makes it better than working with a Wi-Fi or beacon. Although latency is minimal, you can measure the difference in height more accurately.
Various Applications for Indoor Navigation

In most cases, an indoor application is requited when navigating through multifaceted buildings. Nonetheless, it can also be used in other unique visitor services. The functions come alongside the navigation function, and they include:

Train stations to inform visitors about current delays and in tracking changes.

In offices for booking meeting rooms, invitation management, colleague finder, and cafeteria layout are excellent functions.

In the retail industry- location based advertisements, car finders, and coupons and location-based marketing offer helpful features.

Hospitals integrate the booking of extra services. It can include a calendar with treatment schedules and a barrier-free routing into the patient’s app.

Packing for the hospital in preparation of delivering your bundle of joy is far more exciting than packing for any vacation, but it is also a task that you must properly plan to execute correctly. Many different baby products should accompany you to the Labor & Delivery unit. Although the hospital is likely to offer many of the items that baby needs, bringing your own ensures the personal experience and bonding with your new bundle of joy right from the start.

Packing the Bags

Include inside of the baby bag the following items:

– Bathrobe, socks, slippers, and at least one change of clothing. You’ll likely be sore after surgery, so choose a lose-fitting pair of pants and t-shirt. If it is cool outside, a sweater or jacket is also ideal.

– An outfit for baby’s pictures and for going home

– Bottles, pacifiers, special formula/diapers, etc. that you specifically want to use for baby

– Items for relaxation, including personal blankets, pillows, an iPod, etc. are also nice to bring to the hospital with you to provide added comfort

– Camera and video camera

– Toiletries, such as shampoo, soap, and lotion

– Change for vending machines

– Nursing bra and nursing pads (Colostrum may leak from the breasts after delivery)

– Receiving blankets for baby
More Important Baby Products & Going L&D Essentials

After the bag is packed, ensure that you’ve correctly installed an infant car seat into the backseat of your vehicle. The hospital will ensure that it is properly installed before departure with baby.

If you have a stuffed animal or other special keepsake that you wish to give to baby or include in the newborn hospital photos, make sure that this is brought with you to the hospital.

Be sure to put your personal items inside of the bag so not to forget them. This includes your insurance cards, driver’s license, your birth plan, and any paperwork that you’ve completed.

It is a fact that e-cig sales are going through the roof. More and more people are tuning out traditional tobacco cigarettes and turning on to e-cigarettes. The product is also known by the name electronic cigarettes and vaporizer cigarettes. Here is a description. They are basically a device that looks quite similar to a traditional cigarette. However, the device is operated with a battery and works by vaporizing a non-nicotine solution. Studies show that the e-cigarette is an alternative for those that are hooked on regular tobacco cigarettes. In addition, there are a number of benefits that are associated with the electronic cigarettes.

E-Cig Helps People Stop Smoking Tobacco
Well, there are numerous studies circulating around that claim that the e cig help some people control their tobacco and nicotine habit. It further stated that over 60 percent of smokers hooked on tobacco were able to stop smoking the traditional tobacco and nicotine laden cigarettes after switching to e-cigarettes.

Avoiding Tobacco Smell
One distinct characteristic of a chronic smoker is the offensive tobacco smell that is on their clothing, skin, hair, and breath. Even their home and vehicles have that same distinctive odor. Some people hate that smell and go out of their way to avoid people that have the offending tobacco odor. However, an e-cig does not have that offensive odor.

Social Situations
Smokers often avoid social situations that do not allow them to smoke. For example, a number of restaurants, movie theaters, and other public places do not allow public smoking because it offends the other customers. However, the majority of restaurants and theaters or other public places do not ban e-cigarettes.

For Health Reasons
Of course, e-cigs are not filled with harmful tobacco. Certainly, traditional cigarettes are a hazard to the smokers health and the people that are around the smoker because of the tobacco and nicotine that lead to a number of health related problems.

The Safety Factor
It is a startling fact that cigarettes cause a lot of fires because the smoker drifts off to sleep with a cigarette in their hand. An e-cig does not have a red hot, burning flame to worry about.

Are you thinking of making the switch from cigarettes to vaping so you can reduce your nicotine intake? One of the benefits of vaping is that you have a lot more control when it comes to nicotine, not to mention the health benefits of losing all those other chemicals found in tobacco.

The ability to control nicotine content is one of the many benefits you’ll enjoy. E-liquids come in several nicotine strengths, the most common being 24, 18, 12, 9, 6, 3 and 0 milligrams.

Stepping Down On Nicotine Content

It’s easier than you think. Heavy smokers often start at 24 mg, and may stick with that for some time, but if you are serious about cutting down on nicotine,you will find it pretty easy to move down to the next strength. It’s pretty common for someone to go from 24mg to 9 or even 6 in just a few weeks. Not only that, but the lower nicotine strengths tend to have a better flavor.

Vaping Equipment And Nicotine Levels

Many people begin their vape journey with a typical starter kit. These are great for those who aren’t sure about vaping and just want to try it out. Soon enough, you may want to leave that setup behind and go for one of the sub-ohm tanks, which deliver a more powerful punch. With these tanks, you’ll immediately find that you need a lower nicotine strength, probably between 3 and 6 milligrams.

However, even if you choose to stay with the older type of tanks, which is fine by the way, you will still find it easy to move from the higher milligram e-liquid to the lower. If cutting down on nicotine is important to you, then you can make a plan to cut down every couple weeks or so.

Making the switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping is a big transition that is easy for many people, but not as easy for others. Ask around and find a good shop with knowledgeable staff that can help steer you toward equipment and e-liquid that make the transition easier.