Packing for the hospital in preparation of delivering your bundle of joy is far more exciting than packing for any vacation, but it is also a task that you must properly plan to execute correctly. Many different baby products should accompany you to the Labor & Delivery unit. Although the hospital is likely to offer many of the items that baby needs, bringing your own ensures the personal experience and bonding with your new bundle of joy right from the start.

Packing the Bags

Include inside of the baby bag the following items:

– Bathrobe, socks, slippers, and at least one change of clothing. You’ll likely be sore after surgery, so choose a lose-fitting pair of pants and t-shirt. If it is cool outside, a sweater or jacket is also ideal.

– An outfit for baby’s pictures and for going home

– Bottles, pacifiers, special formula/diapers, etc. that you specifically want to use for baby

– Items for relaxation, including personal blankets, pillows, an iPod, etc. are also nice to bring to the hospital with you to provide added comfort

– Camera and video camera

– Toiletries, such as shampoo, soap, and lotion

– Change for vending machines

– Nursing bra and nursing pads (Colostrum may leak from the breasts after delivery)

– Receiving blankets for baby
More Important Baby Products & Going L&D Essentials

After the bag is packed, ensure that you’ve correctly installed an infant car seat into the backseat of your vehicle. The hospital will ensure that it is properly installed before departure with baby.

If you have a stuffed animal or other special keepsake that you wish to give to baby or include in the newborn hospital photos, make sure that this is brought with you to the hospital.

Be sure to put your personal items inside of the bag so not to forget them. This includes your insurance cards, driver’s license, your birth plan, and any paperwork that you’ve completed.

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